Are you a nurse who wants to work in the USA?

Sentosa Recruitment Agency can help you make your dream come true. By providing you with a “one-stop-shop” for your application as a nurse in the USA, you are assured of the most comprehensive assistance every step of the way – from initial application and placement to your settlement as a permanent resident of the USA.

Sentosa Recruitment Agency is currently recruiting Filipino Nurses for nursing facilities affiliated with SENTOSA CARE GROUP. The Agency recruits nurses for direct placement in the affiliated facilities of Sentosa Care. We manage the entire nurse procurement including recruitment, certification, immigration, licensing and orientation.

About Sentosa

Sentosa Recruitment Agency was formed by nurses for nurses who seek permanent employment in the United States. Our group of professional nurses, immigration specialists and Lawyers will assist you in the immigration and employment process. We also have representatives in different provinces around the Philippines to assist you locally. In order to speed up the employment process, we utilize the latest technology and resources. Learn more >>

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May 2016 Big Event! Will file immigrant visa petition for Recap, CGFNs and NCLEX Passer Nurses for New York, USA. Come for orientation and be one of our successful USRNs in New York. Employers from [...]

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