For a nurse who wishes to work with Sentosa Nursing Recruitment, our agency offers many excellent benefits and perks. 

This includes a competitive salary, medical insurance coverage, airfare from Manila to New York plus training and orientation.  We also provide free housing to all our new immigrant nurses.

Sentosa Recruitment Agency Also Offers Immigrant Visa Petition
Applying for an Immigrant Visa or Green Card is the best decision you, as a Filipino nurse, can make. Although this may take longer than an employment-based petition or Visa, it is generally the best and safest course you can take. While the processing of your Green Card can take time, its benefits are obvious – you can travel to and from the USA freely, you have the right to live and work in the USA permanently, you can either remain a citizen of your home country or become a U.S. citizen, and your spouse and unmarried children are eligible to get a Green Card.

We look forward to working with all qualified nurses to make their dreams of working in the United States a reality.

For more information on becoming a Sentosa Recruiting Agency nurse, contact us.