Sentosa Recruitment Agency was the first agency in the Philippines that acted as an advocate for nurses, introducing the concept of not charging a placement fee. It assists applicants with all aspects of gaining permanent resident status, obtaining Social Security numbers and limited permits. It even provides free airfare from Manila to New York as well as temporary housing. This is a vital service to healthcare providers in the face of nursing shortages in the U.S., and Sentosa is committed to continuously processing applications and placing qualified personnel.


Sentosa Recruitment Agency was formed by nurses, for nurses who seek permanent employment in the United States. Its group of professional nurses, immigration specialists and attorneys assist applicants in the immigration and employment process. It also has representatives in different provinces around the Philippines to assist locally. Sentosa’s immigration lawyers perform all filing, processing, and follow-ups with INS. The agency’s overall mission is to provide a comprehensive solution to fulfill the needs of Filipino nurses.