How does a nurse get an overseas contract?

1: Requirements to work overseas

In addition to the standard nursing criteria required here in the United States, potential nursing candidates must first apply for a visa in the country they wish to work in. Depending on the country, visa issuance can take anywhere from a couple of days to several months or more. So you should be prepared for the wait. Nurses will also need to provide proof of licensure in order to practice their profession in whatever country they decided to go to.

In some nations nurses will have to contact that nations nursing registration authority to learn what is required of them in order to work as a nurse in that country. They may have to undergo a series of tests, written and practical and obtain licensure from that nations nursing licensing authority. In other cases where countries that do not have an established nurse registration system, you will need to provide proof of your nursing licensure from the U.S.A. In most cases, they will honor your nursing license from the state in which it was issued, so it is of utmost importance that you maintain your American nursing registration. The same code of professional conduct which you are required to follow in the USA, must be followed while you work overseas. In addition to the above nursing documents, you must also have a valid Passport, and in some cases a Birth Certificate, letters of reference and school transcripts.

2: Language

Effective Communication is a key role in the provision of healthcare. You should acquire a basic working knowledge of the country where you will be working or want to work, in this case English. That will allow you to be able to communicate not only with the patients, but hospital staff as well.

3: Employers and Recruiters

Sentosa specializes in the recruitment and placement of nurses on behalf of employers. We help find qualified candidates for healthcare jobs. We help market and sell the job opportunity to healthcare professionals. Sentosa will pre-qualify the candidate based on their education, credentials, prior experience, and assist with coordinating the interview process. Typically our pre-qualification process involves reviewing many resumes and then phone interviewing the candidates who appear most qualified on paper. So it is important to maintain a very good resume and reference list.